Love & Daisies


Ella has spent her life in a small town surrounded by loyal friends, the scent and beauty of her floral shop, and calm predictability. Everything changes when she runs over a newcomer in town. The usually level-headed businesswoman falls clumsily into a future she couldn’t have predicted, and finds herself entangled with a past never forgotten. Despite her resistance, Ella tumbles through romance and comedy into the arms of the man she never imagined she'd find.

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The Locket


David was near death when a vision led him to a house where he was welcomed inside by an old woman, Ms. Alice. Now, as David finds himself living in the house, his sleeping and waking hours become filled with questions. He is visited by vivid dreams of times and places he's never been and a woman he's never known but longs for deeply. He finds himself surrounded by secrets and locked doors. The deeper he digs for answers, the more mysterious his hostess becomes. As he pieces together the clues from her life, he begins to understand the past that Ms. Alice holds dear, and the one he can't remember.

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The Girl in the Mirror


Samantha Campbell was a stay-at-home mother of two with a crumbling marriage when she watched a handprint form on her bathroom mirror before her eyes. The handprint of a missing girl: Annie Landy. Following clues and dreams from Annie, Samantha does all she can to solve the case. In the end, Samantha's left to decide whether she’ll let her own life fall apart in order to learn the truth about the missing girl.

This is a novella.

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The Power of a Flower


Lilah is in love with a lie. What she learns will shock her. Her mother's secret past and her lover's hidden truth will test the strength of her devotion.

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