Why Essential Oils?

I started using essential oils because I heard from close friends all the good they were doing for them. What got me hooked was the Peppermint oil. When I started using essential oils I was having recurring health issues. It would start at night when my nose would dry out. Later the same night I’d wake up with a sore throat. By morning I had cold-like symptoms that would last about two weeks. This would happen about every six weeks. What I started doing, was inhaling peppermint oil anytime I would wake up at night feeling the dryness in my nose. Since then, I haven’t had the issues I was having before! It was amazing and I was hooked. Today, I use the oils for my whole family. When my kids have the sniffles, I diffuse thieves for them. After about three days, the sniffles are gone and there’s no cold. I use oils for everything, even cleaning.

Why Young Living?

After I started using oils, I decided to try other brands. I went to local stores, ordered online, I even tried Amazon. 

First of all, be very careful when ordering oils from Amazon. Young Living sells only through the Young Living website. Whether you’re looking for Young Living oils or other brands, you don’t really know what’s inside the oil bottles you’re buying on Amazon. 

Secondly, do your research and try other brands if you want to. I did! What I found was the that quality simply wasn’t the same. I tried my peppermint oil routine with a brand other than Young Living, and I got a headache and just felt icky. With that and other experiences, I decided Young Living was the brand I trusted most. Because of my personal success, I’ve started spreading the news by hosting classes and helping others sign up for Young Living.

Your Options

You have plenty of options to order with Young Living! 

  • Customer Retail: Buy what you want, when you want, but it will be at a higher prices. 
  • Membership: Sign up and spend $50 or more a year to remain a member and receive products at a reduced price.
  • Essential Rewards: Spend $50 or more a month and receive reduced prices and a FREE product every three months for the first year.

Essential Oils

Ready to try?

Sign up for a membership for reduced prices. There are no fees if you decide to end it, and to keep your membership, all you need to do is buy at least $50 worth of Young Living products a year!

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Have questions?

Contact me! I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions I can, or help you find the answers you need. If you sign up using the link over there to the left, you’ll be listed under me so I can reach out and provide as much guidance as you need.

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